Pinterest Spawns Porn Copycat

This is ridiculous. Pinterest has already met clones such as Pinspire, Skillow and many others. Not sure whether or not I should say this, but hell – now there’s one for porn. The only thing is, people will be making fake accounts because no one wants to display their private smut activity out on to…

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Get Over Porn with…PG Porn. Hilarious. (this is not porn)

Ex-Porn Star Talks About Porn Industry

If it’s any motivation to quit porn, get inspired from this Ex-Porn star.

Masturbation and Comedy

This asian comedian hits the issue right on the head, talking about the struggles of being a Christian, struggling with watching porn, and laughing it all off.

5 Reasons Why Porn is Bad for Your Dating Life

One of the most sadly ironic things about porn: the more you watch others having sex, the less sex you end up having. Unless you consider sex with your hands and toys sex. In a nutshell, porn is bad for your dating life. Deep down, I’ve always known that porn had a negative effect on…

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Make love, NOT porn

You’ve got to watch this fascinating Ted Talk. By Cindy Gallop, on the topic of pornography.

Should I watch porn with my girlfriend or boyfriend?

One of my favorite questions to explore – should you or should you not watch porn with your significant other? Man, do I have a LOT to say about this topic. Let’s break this issue down step-by-step: What is your motive? Let this question sink in. Is there some underlying desire you don’t want to…

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boyfriend watches porn

“My boyfriend watches porn. Doesn’t he love me?!” I get this question ALL the time…and the best answer is always “it depends on the situation.” However there are some universal truths that I see about porn addiction that can help address this question. Self-Comforting Mechanism  Quite often kids will discover masturbation as a way to…

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my first encounter with porn

That was when I was first exposed to porn. It might have been when I was 7 or 8. I don’t remember. Or rather, I might have tried to block that incidence from my memory. It was a VHS rental store in a run-down section of downtown LA. It was a small plaza my family…

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your choice – the beginning of the end

Friends, If you’ve arrived at this post, then you probably already know about my eGuide “How to Stop Watching Porn in 7 Steps”. Let me tell you that if you are here, you’re near the beginning of the end – of your porn addiction. It’s an exciting place to be. Sexual freedom. No more compulsive…

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