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fantasy vs reality – stop watching porn and regain your life

Everything starts innocently. You watch a few porn videos, think it’s no big deal. You watch a few more. It becomes a daily routine. You’re often tired the next day from staying up too late watching adult content (and maybe doing something alongside it). Soon enough, you can’t stop watching porn. Why? Because pornography has…

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Are You SADD?

SADD stands for Sexual Attention Deficit Disorder, and yes it is a real condition. Put quite simply, those afflicted with SADD have their brains flooded with too much sexual imagery. This is almost 100% directly corrected with watching – and being addicted to – internet porn.  The effects of SADD are commonly: inability to get erect,…

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Give Up Porn For Lent

  Gentlemen, Lent is here. You have 40 days to make a drastic change in your life. For 80% of men out there, giving up porn should be on the top of your priority list. So why not take advantage of Lent – whether you’re Catholic or not – and stop watching porn for 40 days…

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Ivy League Porn CEO

In an industry that’s dominated by male executives and top-dogs, Lux Alptraum breaks barriers by becoming one of the few female CEOs of a porn-related company, Fleshbot. The Columbia University, gay and highly educated Alptraum may make a huge ripple throughout the adult industry. The multi-billion dollar porn industry isn’t going anywhere soon, but for…

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Pinterest Spawns Porn Copycat

This is ridiculous. Pinterest has already met clones such as Pinspire, Skillow and many others. Not sure whether or not I should say this, but hell – now there’s one for porn. The only thing is, people will be making fake accounts because no one wants to display their private smut activity out on to…

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Get Over Porn with…PG Porn. Hilarious. (this is not porn)

Ex-Porn Star Talks About Porn Industry

If it’s any motivation to quit porn, get inspired from this Ex-Porn star.

Masturbation and Comedy

This asian comedian hits the issue right on the head, talking about the struggles of being a Christian, struggling with watching porn, and laughing it all off.

5 Reasons Why Porn is Bad for Your Dating Life

One of the most sadly ironic things about porn: the more you watch others having sex, the less sex you end up having. Unless you consider sex with your hands and toys sex. In a nutshell, porn is bad for your dating life. Deep down, I’ve always known that porn had a negative effect on…

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Make love, NOT porn

You’ve got to watch this fascinating Ted Talk. By Cindy Gallop, on the topic of pornography.

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