Are You SADD?

SADD stands for Sexual Attention Deficit Disorder, and yes it is a real condition. Put quite simply, those afflicted with SADD have their brains flooded with too much sexual imagery. This is almost 100% directly corrected with watching – and being addicted to – internet porn. 

The effects of SADD are commonly:

  • inability to get erect, and stay erect (you don’t want to rely on Viagra now, do you?)
  • complete disinterest in sex
  • reliance on pornographic images to get turned on
  • physically, but not mentally stimulated
  • inability to ejaculate
You can read more about it here on AskMen.

All extremely frustrating things. The solution? Simply stop porn addiction. OK OK – easier said than done – that’s why I have an entire website and ebook built around people struggling with the problem. But here are a few quick tips that can help anyone addicted to internet porn:

  • limit exposure to your computer at all means. Get more unplugged and de-digitize.
  • start living a more “offline” life – be more social, call friends, make plans to hang out, explore hands-on hobbies
  • give yourself a challenge of quitting porn for just a week – hell,I challenged my users last week to give up porn for Lent – and many are already raving about how much better they feel.
  • prioritize good sex: just think to yourself: “is having truly good sex worth putting off porn?” of course it is. Commit to quitting porn – at least temporarily – and see how much better your sexual experience is the next time. I almost guarantee that it’ll be better.

It’s no time to be a SADD person. Stop watching porn, get help from me (read my posts, download my free ebook and feel free to email me) and start living a better life today. 

Posted on March 1, 2012 in blog, mental health

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