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If you’ve arrived at this post, then you probably already know about my eGuide “How to Stop Watching Porn in 7 Steps”.

Let me tell you that if you are here, you’re near the beginning of the end – of your porn addiction. It’s an exciting place to be. Sexual freedom. No more compulsive masturbating to smut anymore. No more late nights and sucky sex life.

Although my eGuide has been selling for a couple months already, I decided to start this blog section to better connect with YOU and also give out some free advice/thoughts/wonderings. They may not always pertain to overcoming porn addiction, but that may be the case 80% of the time.

Anyway, I’ve always been a believer that much of life is caused by the decisions that WE choose. Instead of taking a stance of “this porn addiction happened to me”, it’s a lot more empowering to say “I chose to watch porn and be addicted to porn. And now I choose to overcome this addiction.”

Technically, 99% of our lives are made up of our choices. We might not realize it all the time, but we have a choice to react to life events in a certain way, to pull ourselves out of the slumps whenever we want. We can choose to be great people, philanthropists, volunteers, millionaires, and inspirational people.

Don’t waste another day. If you are still in misery of “why did this porn addiction happen to me,” then get up off your ass and say “I chose to be a porn addict – and I now I choose to relinquish that lifestyle and be awesome.” Trust me, the more you iterate that powerful thought in your head, the more successful you will be.


Posted on August 1, 2011 in blog

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